Quality / Technology / Methodologies

Quality first

Our primary business focus is to produce quality agricultural products, efficiently and effectively, applying appropriate technology and best-practice farming methods.

With this in mind, we remain fully committed to achieving the highest possible quality standards.

From our management systems to our end products, our quality-first approach covers every area of business, starting with the standard of the farms in our portfolio. Among other criteria, we measure farm quality according to soil characteristics, climatic variables, water availability, proximity to markets and crop suitability.

Quality agricultural asset are becoming increasingly scarce. At the same time, the standard of our farms will remain a critical factor when it comes to measuring the success of our business. That is why we continue to invest significant effort and resources into assembling a world-class farm portfolio. In the process, we have built up significant evaluation capability.

Pioneering technology

With the focus on achieving continuous improvement across our operations, we continue to implement pioneering technology alongside best practice management and conservation techniques.

Among other innovations, we are upgrading irrigation systems on our sugar cane estates, replacing flood and sprinkler systems with pivots and drip. Not only do the new systems help us to achieve better yields, but they greatly reduce water and electricity consumption.

We have also launched a programme of upgrading pump stations by installing variable speed drives. This improves pump efficiency while reducing electricity and maintenance costs.

Environmental excellence

Our goal to make our farms benchmarks for best farming practice. Accordingly, we aim to implement best management practices that achieve sustainable agricultural production while having a positive impact on the environment.

Our management practices are based on farming guidelines laid down by the GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) system and the South African Sugar Research Institute.

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