Our most recent accreditation reflects the score card summarised below:

Land ownership 25.0 25.0
Management control 10 5.8
Employment Equity 10 6.5
Skills development 20.0 5.9
Preferential procurement 20.0 11.1
Enterprise development 10.0 10.0
Socio-economic development 10 11.0
Total 105.00 75.3

A total of 75.3 points scores the group at a level 3 rating. The ownership score is driven by the sale over recent years of a significant portion of the group’s South African farms to the government or communities for purposes of transformation and land reform. The group has formed partnerships with communities which have yielded direct benefits to 1 500 community families amounting to R30 million per annum, made up of distributions through rentals as well as dividends. Working capital for these ventures is either provided by or guaranteed by the group, hence the high score under enterprise development.

From 1 April 2018 the group’s South African assets will be held in a separate company, Crookes Brother’s South Africa (Pty) Limited, which will be wholly-owned by CBL.

It is our goal to establish Crookes Brothers SA as a leader in the transformation of the South African agricultural sector.