It is a Crookes Brothers goal to establish the group as a benchmark for good farming practice. Accordingly, the group implements proven best management practices throughout the operations to ensure that agricultural production is on a sustainable basis with minimum impact on the environment.

Management practices are based on farming guidelines advocated by the Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) system and the SUSFARMS (Sustainable Sugarcane Farm Management System) system initiated by the South African Sugar Research Institute. Global GAP is an international best practice standard designed to minimise possible detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, promote responsible use of chemicals and ensure a responsible approach to worker health and safety.

In all operations, the aim is to conserve and upgrade natural assets, maintain and enhance critical ecosystems and use agricultural resources sustainably. In order to achieve this, each estate draws up an environmental management plan (EMP) which is updated and audited every year. Potential developments are preceded by Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

A forum of senior agricultural managers meets periodically to evaluate global best practice standards and update and monitor the implementation of the EMP.