Corporate social investment

The Group is committed to improving the lives of the disadvantaged communities in the areas in which we operate. Our CSI programme is needs-driven and is planned and implemented in consultation with the community.

Despite financial constraints, in the past financial year over R1.8 million was spent on corporate social investment. In addition to this expenditure, the Group also makes resources and expertise available to maximise its social impact. The main initiatives are shown below.

Region Recipient Number of beneficiaries Project details
KwaZulu-Natal Amandawe community 200 recipients Maintenance of China Town and China Town Cemetery; Donation for Chief’s Funeral; Provision of water to Community
Gugulethu High School 700 learners Maintenance of school grounds
Western Cape Daniel le Roux School 200 learners Subsidise teacher’s salary
Removal of community and school waste
Mpumalanga School Projects 310 members New water and ablution Infrastructure and facilities
Zambia Ngoma Basic School 465 learners Provide salaries for teachers and support staff
Community Hunger Support 180 members Donation of maize meal
Eswatini Poverty Relief 250 Members Lubombo region poverty relief with food packages
Mozambique COVID-19 Project 57 members Supplying masks to members of Government
Police Sponsorship 42 members Fuel donations to Police