Sugar cane

Our sugar cane business comprises of three separate units in Mpumalanga, one in KwaZulu-Natal as well as farm in Eswatini and Zambia.

Mawecro Farming Pty Ltd

CBL has a 49% shareholding in Mawecro Farming with the balance owned by the Mawewe community. Mawecro leases land from the Mawewe CPA which includes approximately 1 967Ha of irrigated cane and 532 Ha of banana orchards. Watch video.

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Libcro Farming (Previously Mthayiza Farming)

Libcro was formed in 2008 as a community partnership with the Libuyile community to farm land near Malelane acquired by the community via the land restitution process. Since then the farm has been substantially replanted and with the addition of further farms and now comprises 1 100 Ha under cane.

Mpambanyoni Farm

This farm is of great historical significance to the CBL group. After Samuel Crookes married Fanny Landers in 1866 they consolidated smaller farms in the Mpambanyoni river valley into the greater Mpambanyoni farm as we know it today. This property became the backbone to the sugar cane farming and milling operation of the company. Today the farm comprises 623Ha of dryland sugarcane.

Komati Farms

Komati Farms, comprises 76 Ha of cane near the Libcro Farming operations.

Crookes Plantations Limited (CPL)

The first investment in Eswatini was made by CBL way back in 1957. Today this Estate has 2 414 Ha under irrigated cane located on the banks of the Usuthu River. Bananas are now being planted on a portion of the farm. The farm is a significant contributor to the regional economy.

CBL Agri Zambia Limited (CAZ)

CBL acquired the Zambian Farm in 2009. The farm consists of 429 Ha of highly productive cane. At the time of acquisition, it was intended that the farm would be the first step in establishing a much larger cane farming operation in Zambia, but no suitable expansion opportunities have been identified.